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 Being a native of San Jose, I grew up on the eastside. I lived one mile down the street from Mount Pleasant. When I was in school I went to Silver Creek because the border was Tully Road everyone on the left of Tully went to Silver Creek, everyone on the right went to Mount Pleasant.
This changed in the 80’s, so my niece went to Mount Pleasant.

  How dare this Steve Poizner generalize eastside union high school kids like that, “From an intellectual standpoint, I absolutely knew not to expect Silicon Valley-caliber ambition and smarts from East San Jose school kids.” To say the school is “shabby” and “dangerous” is not true.
He hasn’t seen shabby or dangerous let him go to Oakland or Richmond high schools that will give him a wake up call.

  I fell that school kids living on the eastside, do have ambition and the smarts to succeed. My niece for example had the ambition and smarts who graduated from Mount Pleasant High School and went on to Saint Mary’s College in Moraga California to graduated she was a product of the eastside school system.

   Steve Poizner is supposed to be a strong advocate of education reform and assisting disadvantage children in public schools. To make a statement like he did in his book, makes him a look like a calculating conniving phony. He probably knew he was going to run for Governor in 2010.  In all his articles he reference teaching “in the trenches” as a volunteer teacher at Mount Pleasant High School in East San Jose. I fell he had a agenda all along to push for his Charter School program, he was the one to start the Charter Schools in California. Steve Poinzer shame on you!
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