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Halloween is around the corner and it seems like each year it gets spookier than the last. Many believe that Halloween's origins are found in the Celtic festival of Samhain. The Celts, who were located in Ireland, the UK and the northern parts of France, celebrated their New Year on the first of November. Samhain was celebrated the night before the New Year.
On October 31, the night before the New Year, the Celts celebrated Samhain. This day, they believed, was when the ghosts of the deceased returned to earth because the boundaries between the living world and the dead world blurred. Trick or treating comes from during the celebration,
the poor would come out and beg for food from the more wealthy families. When the families gave them pastries called soul cakes, they asked for the poor to pray for their relatives that had passed away.Dressing up in a costume for Halloween began many years ago adults began dressing in elaborate costumes for Halloween parties, also known as Masquerade parties, before it became an annual event for
children. With Hollywood movies appearing as time went by, gave us inspiration to make scary and creepy looking costumes that are extremely popular. Halloween is the one of the greatest and best known party on our  holidays on our calandar. Halloween ranks right behind Christmas in the
amount of money spent on it, for decorations , costumes, candy , scarey movies,and food. I personally love Halloween especially having two children to take trick or treating and also it is a fun way to dress up or go to a haunted house. You have plenty of options on October 31st, and one
thing for sure is you are getting lots of candy and treats. I also work for a courier service Streetwise Special Delivery, which is available for your delivery services 24/7 even on this fun holiday. You can get your treats delivered to you or to anyone anywhere. Check out our website, and we are
ready for a delivery on this spooky night.

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