Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rescued Chilean Minors

Oxygen helmets in mine rescues (LOC)Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr       The Chilean Mine rescue was a very scary story in the beginning. It then turned into this beautiful moment. Thirty three miners were trapped underground in a collapsed copper mine for sixty nine days. Rescue teams lifted the miners to surface one by one in a narrow, missile-like capsule. It took a lot of help and work from everybody to help save the men lives, and I thought it was a really nice chance for everybody to come together and help make this happen.
For this rescue it also cost a very large amount, and that is what is so awesome about the whole story.

      There were Drilling Experts that did every single thing to come together for these strangers. A drilling expert flew from an operation in Afghanistan to lend a hand and help with the drilling. US sunglasses maker Oakley contributed by donating thirty five pairs of sunglasses that usually sell for around $200 each, to protect the miners eyes when they returned to the surface. These men never gave up because they have family's and their children on their mind and tried they're hardest to survive threw this crisis. It shows hope, faith, and love can get you through the hardest moment of your life.

      This opened up my eyes and shows all of us, that good old fashion helping and sticking together goes a very long way. I'm sure this is an unforgettable moment for the men and also to everyone across the world who kept hope and prayers for them to be safe and rescued.
Thanks to everybody coming together, it definitely made a great change in the survivors lives. I am proud to share my thoughts of this very amazing moment.

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