Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another "Gut-Wrenching" Search Turns Up The WORST!!

Michelle Le, the beautiful 26-year old Vietnamese nursing student who went missing from a parking garage next to Kaiser Hospital in Hayward, California four months ago, has finally been found....however, not, as her family and many thousands of supporters had faintly hoped.

Le's badly de-composed skeletal remains were discovered Saturday in a brushy, un-incorporated area in Niles Canyon between Sunol and Pleasanton, California...thus confirming what most had feared--that Michelle was abducted and slain shortly after going missing last May 27th.
This is yet another heart-searing chapter of senseless murder where, not only the immediate family, but entire communities of concerned people, whether friends, strangers, possibly you, even ME--have become entranced in the search, along with all the hopes and prayers surrounding it; only now to be slapped down in grief!
None of us can possibly imagine the utter HELL Le's family has suffered, and will continue to endure....but, based on enormous public support, thousands upon thousands of people near and far, want them to know our hearts, prayers, and thoughts are with them!
I vividly remember similar horror stories, among them the still unsolved 1998 kidnap and murder of 13-year old Christina Williams in Fort Ord, Seaside California, the 1993 slumber party kidnapp and eventual strangling death of 12-year old Polly Klaas in Petaluma, California, the horrific abduction and murder of 8-year old Sandra Cantu just two years ago in Tracy, California, and even the nightmarish saga of 11-year old Jaycee Lee Dugard who was kidnapped and held captive in Antioch, California for 18-years before finally being rescued from captors Phillip and Nancy Garrido this year!
In each of these family tragedies, and countless others in and around the Bay Area, an entire nation eventually took notice, only to see another innocent life savagely snuffed out, leaving heart-broken families and angered communities to choke on it!
In each of these cases, the un-healthy emotions of family, friends, and strangers were quelled only by closure that comes from  capture and just punishment of killers like Richard Allen Davis (Polly Klass's murderer), Melissa Huckaby (Sandra Cantu's killer), and Modesto's Scott Peterson who murdered his wife Lacy and their unborn son....and now awaits the death penalty at San Quentin Prison in San Rafael, California.
In this latest tragedy,  police have already arrested and charged prime suspect Giselle Esteban, an estranged, ex-friend of Michelle Le's who is besieged with mountains of rock-solid evidence placing her at the abduction scene, in Le's abandoned car, and in the remote mountains where Le's body was found!
Among the remaining facts are exactly how Le was killed, and whether or not it will cast additional light on Esteban's alleged guilt...or vindication.
Perhaps, whatever healing that comes out of the trial will eventually inspire Michelle's family, who remain poised and gracefully thankful for all the community honor her death with a provision of comfort and support for other families suffering similar, future fates...thus, affirming what often happens to victims when good deeds absorb the ashes of evil..
I feel this dim light definitely shines on the Le family, even in the wake of Saturday's fateful news, as it has also shined on many other tragedy-suffering families throughout America.
Television star 'John Walsh' who's son was kidnapped and murdered,  has dedicated his life to hunting down crime and violent criminals with his hit show "America's Most Wanted", while 'Marc Klass' (Polly's Father) joined with others long ago to create the "Polly Klass" Foundation for Missing Children".
The optimum story comes from the woman who created (M.A.D.D) "Mothers Against Drunk Driving" ....who I actually met and interviewed in 1983 while working as a TV reporter in Reno, Nevada.  I wish I could remember her name, but I do remember her story!
Her first husband and three children were killed by a drunk driver.  Then, her second husband and THEIR two boys were killed by a drunk driver, as were her THIRD husband and THEIR only infant daughter!!!
This polite, soft spoken, humble soul--somehow managed to survive,  and keep breathing through all that...while still fighting to help prevent her mis-fortune from happening to others!  Her resilience makes anything seem possible, even if....we seemed destined to live in a world filled with EVIL!
As for Michelle Le, may God take her to rest with him in peace, may her killer receive just punishment, and may her family continue to shine even through the endurance of ultimate pain!
Nothing expresses this hope more than the family spokesperson Krystine Dinh's closing words yesterday, "Please continue praying for and supporting Michelle as our family begins the journey to ensure justice in her honor".
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Sincerely,  PeteCam4

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Fall of Solyndra in Fremont California

Solyndra a solar manufacturing company in Fremont California files for
Chapter 11 on September 6, 2011 and lays off 1,100 employees.  It has been
about two years since Solyndra in Fremont California broke ground and
secured over $535-million dollar federal loan guarantee part of the
$787-billion economic stimulus package to create jobs now files
bankruptcy. How did this happen? I thought when President Obama visited in
May 2010; maybe the economy was finally going to turn around with green
tech jobs. Solyndra is not alone, Spectrawatt Inc. in Hopewell Junction,
New York filed on August 19, 2011, Evergreen Solar Inc. in Marlboro,
Mass., filed on August 15, 2011. Solyndra said “its business had run into
trouble because of difficult global business conditions, including slowing
demand for solar panels, and stiff competition.” The United States
Department of Energy said “China’s subsidies to its solar industry were
threatening the ability of Solyndra and other American manufacturers to
compete.”  Three U.S. solar companies to fail in the same year and one
month apart is unacceptable someone did not do their homework, The FBI
served a search warrant on September 8, 2011. The CEO of Solyndra Brian
Harrison is under investigating for possible fraud. The House subcommittee
wants him to testify next week they want to know how Solyndra won its
loans. The United States has been known for being the inventor of
technology. What happened? Why are we falling short?  I feel for the 1,100
employees that were laid off. The former employees of Solyndra in Fremont
Califorina have a class action lawsuit seeking severance pay. The law
makers need to stop fighting among themselves and work together to make is
nation the power it used to be. If they keep going the way they are going
this nation will keep falling short and we the people will continue to