Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Movement In Cities All Over America


It is about time! People all over America are saying ENOUGH! Is ENOUGH! They are protesting some of the wealthiest executives in America jeering, “Tax the rich!” and “Where’s my bailout?” Protesters have been arrested in Washington D.C. for protesting inside a U.S. Senate office Building. In Northern California the Bay Area is starting its movement. The San Jose Occupy Wall Street protesters are remaining polite while they receive citations. Mayor Chuck Reed on Tuesday said he hopes the protesters have an impact on the Obama administration’s willingness “to do something about the lying, stealing and cheating going on in Wall Street, “ he said. “I didn’t hear anybody out there complaining about Apple making big profits, “he said. “So it’s not just corporate greed in general. It’s a little more targeted than that. “San Jose Mayor Reed said San Jose filed a law suit against some Wall Street investment banks for “ripping us off on some bond issuances. “ A city official in Oakland has joined the Occupy Wall Street cause to show solidarity to the cause. New York protesters are demonstrating outside buildings of Rupert Murdoch media mogul, Jamie Dimon JP Chase Chairman and CEO and David Koch oil tycoon where they have homes. The Occupy Wall Street protesters in San Francisco protested in front of the Federal Reserve Bank. In San Ramon protesters, protested the government’s subsidization of Big Oil companies at the Chevron’s corporate headquarters. Palo Alto and Walnut Creek are protesting against banks, because of the bail out they received. Some Republicans are accusing the demonstrators of wagging a “class war.” If they would open their eyes they would see that the economy is not going to improve if they keep trying to keep it the way it has been for years people want to work. I am a person who feels that everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor you should pay what you owe. It is not fair for the rich to keep getting rich just because the government has had this 2 percent “millionaires” tax for years. It is well over due to end this is a outrageous tax and stop given the wealthy and the corporation any more tax breaks and bail outs. It is time for a New Deal, people should be taxed according to what they make and not given breaks because their rich…


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