Sunday, March 18, 2012

11 year old girl from Gilroy killed by brother an Iraq war vet

On March 16, 2012 in Gilroy Abel Gutierrez an Iraq war vet suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, shot and killed his 11 year old sister Lucero Gutierrez and then himself and possibly his mother who is missing. This is sad and tragic for the family and friends of the Gutierrez family my prayers go out to them. The Iraq war may be over, but the after affects that are vets our experiencing is tragic. Just like the solider who is accused of killing 16 Afghanistan civilians, was suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder. I feel that the military played a part in both of these tragedies because they are not diagnosing war vets correctly. Diagnosing them as being fine and sending them back over to Afghanistan so they can save the military money is so wrong! Soldiers are committing suicide by the dozens and with the end of the war with thousands of troops coming home I feel this situation is only going to get worse. What are they going to do when they return home? The job situation in the states is not getting better fast enough. This will cause more stress for the war vets. The United States military better get its act together and figure out what they are going to do, to help the thousands of war vets that are coming home so tragedies like Lucero Gutierrez of Gilroy won’t keep happening.

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