Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prostitution Scandal with Secret Service

Oh, Wow! 11 Secret Service Agents hooked up with prostitutes, while off duty in Columbia. Every ones acting like this has never happened before. It is no telling how long this has been going on. These 11 Secret Service agents happened to get caught. Some people are trying to blame President Obama. It is not his fault how these 11 Secret Service Agents acted. They have been having these “wheels-up” parties for years after Air Force One takes off. Congressman Darrel Issa when speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation” program said “we’ve heard about these wheel-up parties when the president leaves.” Ok if that’s the case, why has Congress not said anything about it before now? President Obama said he is going to withhold judgment until all the facts are in and if the allegations are true he would be angry. I feel that if it is true the 11 Secret Service Agents should be fired and for Congress they should be held accountable if they knew about it.

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