Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom Breastfeeding 3 Year old Son While He’s Standing on Chair

When I saw the cover of Time magazine, I laughed and said what a person would not do to be noticed. Jamie Lynn Grumet is a 26 year old model, decided to use her 3 year old son as a prop. This little boy is going to be known for standing on a chair sucking on his mother’s breast, on a national magazine cover. Jamie Lynn Grumet did not take into consideration on how this would affect her son in the long run. This little boy is going to be teased unmercifully, I feel so sorry for him. This 3 year old boy had no control over what his mother did, shame on you Jamie Lynn Grumet. Being a mother myself I wanted to breastfeed up to six months, but do to a health reasons that was not possible. I would not put my child in a situation like that, to be teased all his life. I think there should be a cut off for breast feeding of a child, when the child is walking, talking and is of preschool age that should be it. If you don’t agree, then do it in private. Hey! Is that why most men are fascinated with breasts did their mommies’ breast feed them until they were toddlers or older.

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