Monday, July 30, 2012

Oakland’s People Mover is Under Construction

Michael Ealey the CEO of Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service, was in Oakland California making a pickup and delivery. He drove by the site where BART is constructing the People Mover. It will be a driverless train system. That would whisk passengers 3.2 miles from the Oakland Coliseum BART station, to the Oakland Airport in 14 ½ minutes. For 40 years BART’s board and regional transportation officials have longed to build this rail connection. There was never enough money. With the uncertain economy, regional transportation board was given a $70 million in federal stimulus to complete the funding package. The cost of riding the people mover from Oakland Coliseum Bart Station to the Oakland Airport will be between $4 and $6. Port of Oakland officials expect by 2020, 10,000 passengers will be riding the People Mover. I think the people mover is great for Oakland’s economy. With the construction of the People Mover 20 percent of local work force is back to work. This means construction worker that have been out of work, are now employed. Engineers and Maintenance people are going be hired to maintain the system. Oakland’s local economy is getting a much needed lift. Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service makes pickups and deliveries to other cities in the Oakland area, Hayward, Alameda, Berkeley, Emeryville and Richmond.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colorado Movie Massacre 

People have been anticipating Batman “The Dark Knight Rises” movie. Little did they know that it would be a true horror show, with innocent people being killed? In Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012 during the midnight premiere of Batman “The Dark Knight Rises”. University of Colorado PhD student James Holmes went on a shooting rampage, at the Century 16 Movie Theaters. James Holmes burst into the theater in the middle of the show. He set off smoke bombs and walked up and down the aisles, firing as many as four weapons at movie viewers. When it was all over, he had killed 12 and injured 59. Christopher Ramos who was at the movie said, "People were running everywhere, running on top of me, like kicking me, jumping over me. And there were bodies on the ground," Ramos said. "I froze up. I was scared. I honestly thought I was going to die." "The image in our heads is stuck in there. I still have the ticket right here and honestly, I'm never going to forget this night at all. Because it was the first time I saw something that was real. Like a real-life nightmare that was there, not dreaming of." A witness said "You just smelled smoke and you just kept hearing it, you just heard bam bam bam non-stop. The gunman never had to reload. Shots just kept going, kept going, kept going." Another witness said, "I'm with coworkers and we're on the floor praying to God we don't get shot, and the gunshots continue on and on, and when the sound finally stopped, we started to get up and people were just bleeding." When James Holmes was captured by police in the parking lot, he was still wearing a bullet-proof vest, riot helmet, and gas mask. James Holmes had three weapons, an AR-15 assault rifle, which can hold upwards of 100 rounds, a Remington 12 gauge shot gun, and a .40 Glock handgun. 

He informed the police that his apartment was booby-trapped. Authorities said “the flammable and explosive" materials could have blown up Holmes' apartment building and the ones near it. You never know what sets a person off. James Holmes did not care who he shot. He shot a 3 month old baby, kids, teens, men and women. I think they should ban assault weapons. Every mass shooting by a gunman in this country has been with assault weapons. I don’t think that anybody should own more than one gun. Let alone an assault weapon. Assault weapons should only be used by law enforcement and the military. My prayers go out to the people of Aurora, Colorado. Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Freight Service makes deliveries to Colorado and other major cities in the continental United States


Sunday, July 8, 2012

William Lynch Acquitted For Beating the Priest Who Molested Him 37 Years Ago

In 1975 William Lynch’s life changed forever, while on a camping trip with the Church. William Lynch alleged that Priest Jerold Lindner molested him when was seven years old, while he was in a tent. On May 10, 2010 William Lynch drove from his San Francisco home to the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos, where Jerold Lindner lived. William Lynch comforted Jerold Lindner about the molestation and William Lynch beat up Jerold Lindner. William Lynch testified that he went there to get Jerold Lindner to sign a written confession, of the alleged molestation. William Lynch said the priest “leered” at him "with the same look in his eyes" the priest had during the alleged molestation. "I felt at that point he was a threat to me," Lynch said, during his emotional testimony. Lynch said that on "one level" he knew that the smaller, much older priest wasn't a physical threat to him. But he said another part of him reverted to when the priest allegedly assaulted him, and fear took over. "As a rational adult, I'm not afraid," Lynch said. "But part of me is stuck where I was as a child." William Lynch said after he punched Lindner twice, the retired priest grabbed him by the throat just like he grabbed 7-year-old Lynch during the alleged molestation in 1975. June 20, 2012 Jerold Lindner was on the witness stand repeatedly denied molesting William Lynch. On June 21, 2012 he invoked his Fifth Amendment right, against self-incrimination and refused to testify any further. Santa Clara County DA’s office was charging William Lynch with felony assault. If convicted William Lynch would have spent four years in jail. The jury heard all the evidence they acquitted William Lynch on Thursday July 5, 2012, with a jury split 8 to 4. They convicted William Lynch of misdemeanor assault, this means no jail time. Pat Harris a defense attorney wants the Santa Clara County DA’s office, to prosecute Jerold Lindner for perjury. The DA’s office should prosecute Jerold Lindner for perjury. Jerold Lindner needs to be held accountable. There has been hundreds or probably thousands of priests got away with this kind of abuse throughout the years. The Catholic Church would pay off the victims and the priest would go on living their lives. This has to stop the priest need to be held accountable with jail time. Did William Lynch have the right to comfort his attacker? Yes. Was he right in punching him? No. I know I am the type of person who would have probably done the same thing. Until you have been in a situation of molestation, you never know how you would react. When you come face to face with someone who has violated you never know what you would do.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Santa Clara County Sherriff’s shoot and Arrest a Man during Marijuana Bust

On June 28, 2012 Michael Ealey the owner of Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service, was on his way to Watsonville California. He was going to make a pickup up and delivery for one of Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service clients. He was traveling south on highway 152 in Santa Clara County, when he saw a lot of Sheriff’s vehicles. Thinking they were doing some kind of drill or making some kind of movie. He continued on his way. Well it was not a drill or a training video it was a shootout and an illegal Marijuana cultivating bust.
Santa Clara Sheriffs Deputies and the Department of Fish and Game, came across an illegal Marijuana cultivation site. Near Mt. Madonna State Park in Santa Clara County just south of SR 152 and Whitehurst Road at 11:45 a.m. Sheriff’s Deputies came across to suspects who tried to scare the Deputies away, causing two of the deputies to fire their weapons towards the suspects. The two suspects got away. One of them was wounded in the arm, by a member of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department SWAT Team. A couple of hour later, one of the suspects was located south of where the shooting took place. The suspect was taken to the hospital and then he will be going on to Santa Clara County main jail. The second suspect is still at large. The illegal Marijuana cultivation value is not known at this time.
I still say the government should legalize Marijuana. If they legalized it then, they could tax the heck out of it that means federal and state taxes. This will help the federal government as well as the states with their debt situation. Why burn up all that money? It does not make since, when it can clearly help.