Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Principal at an Elementary School in Santa Clara Charged with Selling Drugs

On September 24, 2012 Principal Eric Dean Lewis, 42, was charged with six drug related crimes, including sales of methamphetamine, Ecstasy and the date-rape drug GHB, which is used in small doses as an intoxicant by those in the club scene. He was arrested September 20, 2012 at a Cal-Train station in San Francisco, where he had agreed to pick up an undercover agent he ''met'' through a gay dating website. How dumb was this educated fool? He should know you can’t trust most of the people you met on those dating sights. Eric Dean Lewis was a principal at Montague Elementary School in Santa Clara. Lewis faces a maximum sentence of eight years and four months if he is convicted. Prosecutor Daniel Rothbach said “there is no evidence that Lewis was selling or using drugs with children.” The community was shocked when they heard this news. Shawna Yacoub a parent said, "We were really quite disappointed because Mr. Lewis is quite respected here." Santa Clara Unified School District Superintendent Bobbie Plough said, "I think our hiring process is pretty thorough. We do extensive background checks, reference checks and we've never had an incident like this before."

 Eric Dean Lewis is not the only principal to be charged with trying to sell drugs to undercover officer. David Groover, principal of Partin Settlement Elementary School in Kissimmee, Fla., was arrested on June 15 after allegedly providing drugs to an undercover Sheriff's deputy. What in the world has come over our leaders in education? Are they doing this to supplement their income? Are they doing this because their addicts? You never know about what a person is into, they may look all squeaky clean but are not. Do you think they were watching too much Breaking Bad?


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