Tuesday, July 16, 2013

NOT GUILTY! George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY!

On Saturday July 13th 2013 I know I was glued to the television and social media anticipating the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial like most of the nation. George Zimmerman was on trial for the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. He was facing Murder in the 2nd Degree, Man Slaughter and Not Guilty charges. This nationwide trial played out in the media as well as social media from the day it happened on February 26, 2012. Well! The all Caucasian women jury accept for one ethnic women found George Zimmerman Not Guilty on all charges. I know a lot of people were shocked but I was not. I knew deep down in my gut that George Zimmerman was going to walk. After all when he shot and killed Trayvon Martin the authorities did not arrest him or charge him for 1 months and 16 days. If this is not a case of racism  you can best believe if the roles were reversed Trayvon Martin would have been arrested on the spot and spent all his time in jail until the verdict and the verdict would have Murder in the 2nd degree. George Zimmerman got to live at home with an ankle monitor. Wow! I blame the Sanford Police Department for miss handling the case at the beginning and the State of Florida for not proving their case. I watched the trial from the beginning. When I they played in George Zimmerman’s video tape his account of what happened he was not sure and lying. Anyone watching could see that his story had all kind of inconsistencies in it. Let alone all the screaming he supposed to have been doing while getting his head bang on the cement. You’re getting your head bang repeatedly yet you’re able to screaming for help repeatedly. Really! When George Zimmer went to the doctor to get a note for work and turn down the medical advice to get a Cat-Scan. The whole trial made me Disgusted! This Not Guilty verdict just gave people the right in Florida and any other state with “Stand Your Ground Law” the right kill an unarmed person if they fell their life is in danger or if their getting their A__ kicked by someone. This “Stand Your Ground Law” should be outlawed because there are going to be a lot more Trayvon Martin’s being killed. All you people that say it is not about race you know deep down you are in denial. Racism has be going on for since the beginning of time and to say we have evolved is wrong. We have not evolved enough to stop things like this from happening. For all you young people of color get an education become lawyers, judges, senators and even president so just maybe the next generations can stamp out this thing called RACISM.    

Monday, July 8, 2013

Plane Crashes at San Francisco International Airport

There has not been a plane crash at San Francisco Airport for 77 years. On July 6, 2013 something no one wants to hear about let alone experience happened. Asiana Flight 214 from Seoul Korea crashed at the San Francisco International Airport while attempting to land. This plane crash appeared to have been far worse than it was. There were 307 on board, including 16 crew members. Officials reported 123 people escaped without injury. There were 181 people hospitalized and treated for injuries at Stanford Medical Centerand Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto. The two passengers that were killed in a fiery plane crash at San Francisco International Airport were identified as 16-year-old girls Wang Lin Jia and Ye Meng Yuan from China. They were on their way to summer camp in Southern California. Among the injured, 49 people are in serious condition at San Francisco General Hospital and out of that number five people including a child, remain in critical condition. Among the other people several were treated for minor injuries, including fractures and abrasions, and were released Saturday night. When the authorities released the voice recorder it seems to be pilot error. It appears to me that the pilot knew he was too low, and swerved to the right to miss the structure. Time will tell if it was due pilot area or mechanical failure. My prayers go out to all that were in this heartbreaking crash.


Monday, July 1, 2013

BART Union Strike Cripples San Francisco and Oakland Bay Area Commute


Bay Area Rapid Transit better known as BART went on strike on July 1, 2013 bringing the San Francisco and Oakland Bay Area to a crippling halt. A BART official reported that the union asked for 21% pay increase but were offer 8% over four and BART also offered to reduce the amount of employee contributions for pension and medical benefits. After days and long hours of negotiations SEIU Local 1021 did not get what they wanted and decided to strike. How greedy can some people be? SEIU Local 1021 in my opinion is greedy. Most of the country has not seen a raise in years or offered to contribute less to their pension and medical. Don’t get me wrong unions are good for keeping the employees work place safe for everyone. What about the people that depend on BART to get to work and school? If it weren’t for these 400,000 riders a week BART workers would not have a job. The traffic in the San Francisco and Oakland Bay Area is going to be a mad house. Be prepared don’t get discouraged hopefully this won’t go on for that long.