Monday, July 1, 2013

BART Union Strike Cripples San Francisco and Oakland Bay Area Commute


Bay Area Rapid Transit better known as BART went on strike on July 1, 2013 bringing the San Francisco and Oakland Bay Area to a crippling halt. A BART official reported that the union asked for 21% pay increase but were offer 8% over four and BART also offered to reduce the amount of employee contributions for pension and medical benefits. After days and long hours of negotiations SEIU Local 1021 did not get what they wanted and decided to strike. How greedy can some people be? SEIU Local 1021 in my opinion is greedy. Most of the country has not seen a raise in years or offered to contribute less to their pension and medical. Don’t get me wrong unions are good for keeping the employees work place safe for everyone. What about the people that depend on BART to get to work and school? If it weren’t for these 400,000 riders a week BART workers would not have a job. The traffic in the San Francisco and Oakland Bay Area is going to be a mad house. Be prepared don’t get discouraged hopefully this won’t go on for that long.


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