Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Javier Gonzales-Guerrero Settlement $4.95 Million For Getting Shot 20 Times By The San Jose Police

After almost 2 years Javier Gonzales-Guerrero is getting paid a measly $4.95 million dollars. For being shot 20 times by 4 police officers of the San Jose Police Department, for having a toy gun. Are you kidding this won't even be enough to cover his medical bills and all the work he missed out on as a construction worker. On October 23, 2011 after attending a Halloween party some one reported Javier Gonzales-Guerrero  passed out drunk in the stairwell of the Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel at E. Brokaw Road in San Jose and that he had a gun. 

When police arrived they saw Javier Gonzales-Guerrero dressed in hospital scrubs with a gun in his waistband. When the police shouted for him a wake up he woke and saw four police officers pointing guns at him. He claimed he said don't shoot. The four officers ignored his pleas and lit him up, Shooting Javier 20 times. If you're drunk don't sleep in public and do not have any kind of object that could possibly be mistaken for a weapon. It is amazing he survived.  



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