Sunday, December 20, 2015

Oakland’s Amazing World Champion Golden State Warriors Feed 20,000 Hungry People

Personally I’m so sick of the news, all you hear about is the bad things people do. You rarely hear of the good people do. Well this is one news worthy event that really makes me proud to live in the Bay Area. Oakland’s World NBA Champion Golden State Warriors are one amazing team and organization. They threw a party for their ticket season holders. The party consist of the ticket holder’s helping with bagging 20,000 lunches to feed the hungry, taking pictures with the players, questions and answer session. The Warriors are one great team. No team in history of the NBA has ever won 24 straight games to start their season. Their only loss was to the Milwaukee Bucks, I think they lost that game because the night before they played Boston and that game went into double overtime with the Warriors win. Plus they did not have two key players Thompson or Barnes. If they were playing it would have been a different story. We are fortunate to live in the Bay Area to have a World Championship NBA Team that is an remarkable class act. GO DUBS!

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