Sunday, December 20, 2015

San Francisco Police Officer’s Shoot Mario Woods 15 Times

San Francisco police surround Mario Woods before fatally shooting him, seen in a video screengrab shot on a mobile phone. Photo: Supplied

It has been an ongoing occurrence for decades that the African American males have to put up with racism. The racial profiling has gotten to be an everyday event. The police are killing them off at an alarming rate. It seems that once a week you hear about some police officers shooting to death an unarmed or an armed with a knife an African American male. It’s like a turkey shoot! This has to stop. U.S. police killings headed for 1,100 this year, with black Americans twice as likely to die.
On December 2, 2015 around 4:30p.m., on the same day as the massacre in San Bernardino. Mario Woods was standing up against the wall supposedly holding a 15- to 20-centimetre knife, surrounded by 6 racist police officers pointing their guns at him. Mario Woods tries to walk down the path, away from four officers but towards one officer who steps towards him, the camera turns away and at least 15 gunshots were heard. Now this was a prejudiced shooting and you can’t say that it wasn’t. These six San Francisco racist police wanted to shoot someone after what happened in San Bernardino. Watch these six S.O.B.’s will probably get away with it like they always do. It is a shame!

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