Tuesday, December 1, 2015

San Francisco So Called Hot Cop Chris Kohrs’ Faces Felony Hit And Run Charges

Sitting here in San Jose California on a Sunny 45 degree morning listening to the news of this crazy world. One story that caught my ear, was the hot cop of the Castro in San Francisco arrested for a hit and run of two men. I thought what the heck, was this moron thinking. On November 30, 2015, 38 year old off duty police officer Christopher Kohrs was driving a Dodge Charger according police he struck two pedestrians, both were men in their 40s. This happened around 2 a.m. as the men crossed Broadway Street near Montgomery Street. What really got me was he had the never to flee the scene on foot. I know he didn’t think he was going to get away with it. Did all this fame go to his head and turn him into a complete idiot for him to forget all his police training. This moron is supposed to be a veteran. Authorities are investigating if he was in intoxicated. Da! Why else would police officer leave the scene, when he knows better? Hey, everyone wants their police to represent their communities. I guess you reap what you sow?

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