Thursday, February 25, 2016

97 Year Old Marie Hatch Cancer Patient of Burlingame Gets Evicted after 66 Years


Living in someone else’s property and paying rent is a terrible thing. I say this because your living situation is literally at the mercy of the landlord. You don’t know when you are going to be evicted. It doesn’t matter that you have been renting for years and have been a model tent. This happened to my family in 2007. In the mail came an eviction notice out of the blue. It was because new owners and the property manager wanted the apartment we were living in. I just received a double hip replacement and was on Dialysis but that didn’t matter. We had to go. This is a common occurrence for families living in California.
When I heard about 97 year old Marie Hatch was being evicted after 66 years of tendency. It really brought back awful memories. When her landlord and friend Vivian Kruse, gave her lifetime tendency it was a good thing. Marie could live in the cottage until she died. After 66 years Kruse is dead, her daughter is dead, and her granddaughter is dead. They each passed down the lifetime guarantee of tenancy to Marie. The verbal agreement died when the granddaughter died. The new landlord said that’s why he’s evicting. I don’t believe that is the reason. He wants to get thousands of dollars instead of the 900 dollars Marie and her roommate are paying. The new landlord David Kantz says “he feels terrible that he is evicting Hatch, but the trust left behind by his wife — the third of the previous landlord women who are now deceased — expires in July, and he is duty-bound to sell the property on behalf of his two sons”. Bull, he is all about the money. This is a sad situation and it doesn’t have to be this way. Friends of Hatch’s started a GoFundMe account, and by Monday evening it had raised more than $11,000.
What really gets me is, that the Federal guidelines indicated rent is unaffordable when it exceeds 30 percent of a household’s income. This means that in San Mateo County, a household must earn at least $106,000 to afford the average current monthly rent of $2,648 for a two-bedroom unit, according to the county study. U.S. census data show that about 35 percent of renter families in San Mateo County are paying more than 30 percent of their income for housing. This is not the only county that people are paying more than 30 percent for housing. Santa Clara County is another one. To live here in California you have to pay to breathe the air, especially living in Silicon Valley where I live. Rents are steadily going up and it is a shame. It really has me thinking about moving out of California. I refuse to pay $2,600.00 or more for the place I’m living in, it’s not worth it.

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