Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why All The Train Tragedies

What's with the recent tragedies involving local transit trains? In the past twelve days two people have been hit and killed in VTA LightRail accidents, and both deaths occurred within two blocks of one another.(Southwest Expwy and Bascom//and Southwest Expwy and Fruitdale). Ten days previous to this, at least three more pedestrians were run down by AMTRAK trains forther North in the Bay area.
It wouldn't seem that EASY to get hit and killed by a train..., unless alchohol, drugs, suicide, or insanity were involved. One or more of these examples may have been present, it also possible our local mass transit could be made SAFER??? Could more safety measures or devices be built at or near rail stops and stations...where most accidents occur? Just a thought!
Perhaps more safety measures are also needed nationally! The terrible collision of two transit trains in Washington DC this week killed at least nine people. Too many deaths seem to be occuring during what is supposed to be the safest way to travel. Hopefully, the powers that be (NTSB and others) will take stock...and take action to make train travel safer for passengers AND, for pedestrians.
Finally, motorists should also remain cautious and respectful of railway intersections. I've noticed people running past the blinking red light a few too many times lately. Why take any kind of chance around trains? Perhaps the laws for regular autos, should be similiar to the precautions buses always take. (Making that extra STOP at the tracks) Let's all get BACK ON TRACK.
Thanks...and be safe....

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CHP Saving Lives in SAN JOSE

California Highway PatrolImage via Wikipedia

Saturday June 6th in San Jose Ca. while stopping for a break near southbound Highway 87 off ramp to Capitol Expressway I witness acts of heroism by the California Highway Patrol. A blue pickup truck came to a stop on the shoulder of the off ramp with its horn blowing to get the attention of a parked CHP officer. It appeared the driver was experiencing a heart attack. It looked a passenger in the car assisted in bring the vehicle to a stop and the driver was slumped over the wheel. A female officer had the passenger step back while she checked out the situation and radioed for help. Seconds later two other officers arrived and carefully dragged the driver from the truck and administered cpr. They pushed on the mans chest for some time. It didn't look good. Desperately they continued both taking turns. They also talked to the man trying to revive the man with words. Suddenly I over heard "he’s breathing". Fire and an ambulance then arrived and paramedics began to work on the man. I noticed that the man was still in trouble because more cpr was used. Suddenly a man approached me and said,"It dosen't look good". "Maybe we should pray". Looking around I noticed other people checking out the incident. All with much concern. He was finally stabilized and moved to the ambulance for transport. This incident was not on the local TV news but I was able to video tape part of this amazing event. Hats off to the Highway Patrol, the unsung heroes just doing there job on our roadways.
Michael K. Ealey CEO
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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Courier and Messenger Services Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook for 2008-2009 has the following interesting outlook for couriers and messengers.
Couriers and messengers combined held about 134,000 jobs in 2006 with little to no change predicted through 2016. Despite an increasing volume of parcels, business documents, and other materials to be delivered in the coming decade, the widespread use of electronic information-handling technologies such as e-mail and fax have limited the growth of courier and messenger jobs.
Electronic transmission of many documents, forms, and other materials is replacing items that had been hand delivered. Many legal and financial documents, which formerly were delivered by hand because they required a handwritten signature, can now be delivered electronically with online signatures. However, for items that are unable to be sent electronically—such as blueprints and other oversized materials, securities, and passports—couriers and messengers will still be needed. They still will also be required by medical and dental laboratories to pick up and deliver medical samples, specimens, and other specialized deliveries like transporting donor organs for hospitals.
Although the outlook for courier and messenger services are predicted to be flat over the next decade, at Streetwise Special Delivery, Inc we’re still excited about the services that we offer to our customers. What other industry can you have the freedom to make your own day, enjoy the great outdoors, and interact with some very interesting people? Every day is exciting and different!
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A FOUR MONTH CHILD FOUND IN CAR It happened again in El Cerrito CA., another child found dead in a car. Just like what happen in 2007 in Concord Ca. What I don’t understand is, are some parents so program to get to work that they forget to drop their child off at daycare. After what happened in 2007, this should not have happen again in my opinion. Everett’s father drops him off every day at daycare; he did not realize he didn’t go to the daycare first, is hard to believe. Parents with children should take two seconds to check the back seat of their cars. So we won’t here about another innocent child dying, from being left in a car by a forgetful parent. God bless Everett. LM