Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why All The Train Tragedies

What's with the recent tragedies involving local transit trains? In the past twelve days two people have been hit and killed in VTA LightRail accidents, and both deaths occurred within two blocks of one another.(Southwest Expwy and Bascom//and Southwest Expwy and Fruitdale). Ten days previous to this, at least three more pedestrians were run down by AMTRAK trains forther North in the Bay area.
It wouldn't seem that EASY to get hit and killed by a train..., unless alchohol, drugs, suicide, or insanity were involved. One or more of these examples may have been present, it also possible our local mass transit could be made SAFER??? Could more safety measures or devices be built at or near rail stops and stations...where most accidents occur? Just a thought!
Perhaps more safety measures are also needed nationally! The terrible collision of two transit trains in Washington DC this week killed at least nine people. Too many deaths seem to be occuring during what is supposed to be the safest way to travel. Hopefully, the powers that be (NTSB and others) will take stock...and take action to make train travel safer for passengers AND, for pedestrians.
Finally, motorists should also remain cautious and respectful of railway intersections. I've noticed people running past the blinking red light a few too many times lately. Why take any kind of chance around trains? Perhaps the laws for regular autos, should be similiar to the precautions buses always take. (Making that extra STOP at the tracks) Let's all get BACK ON TRACK.
Thanks...and be safe....

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