Saturday, August 28, 2010

There are far too many sad stories in the Bay Area these day

A rest in peace sign.Image via WikipediaThere are far too many sad stories in the Bay Area these days that support the case that "only the good die young"! 

18-year old Kendra Fallon of San Francisco decided to spend her summer vacation on the other side of the world, volunteering to help kids at an orphanage in Nepal.

Unfortunately, her efforts were cut short Wednesday when Kendra and 14 others were killed in a plane crash while flying in bad weather outside Katmandu, thus depriving us of another bright star, who spent most of her life helping and inspiring others to make the world a better place!

That same night another tear-jerking tragedy hit in Oakland, California, when 13-year old track star Jimon Clark was shot and killed while walking home alongside his identical twin brother on Bankroft Avenue.

Like Kendra, Jimon was an over-achiever who's good deeds, magnetic personality, and bright future inspired fellow students, friends, family, teachers, and coaches.

He was eager to begin classes at Skyline High school, and set the track and field world on fire with numerous medals, as Kendra had done achieving countless honors at St. Ignatious College Preparatory.

Now, sadly, both Kendra's and Jimon's bright flames of hope and inspiration....have been extinguished.....far too soon!   

I get sick each time I hear about tragedies like these which happen far too often, and I can't help but hope for some kind of silver lining, some kind of inspiration, some kind of good  that can possibly add comfort to survivors?

San Jose football star Pat Tillman gave up a million dollar NFL career to join the US Army Rangers and go to Afghanistan to fight terrorism immediately after 9/11. 

When he was killed in action on April 22nd, 2004, I wept....having watched Pat play for Leland High school in 1993, and then as an Arizona Cardinal when they defeated the Raiders at the Oakland Coliseum in 2001.

It wasn't just how Tillman played football, but the positive way he tackled life, challenging its tough deeds in a quiet, determined way that pumped-up everyone around him!

Why did he have to go so soon....and, why did someone have to senselessly gun down a bright and promising young 22-year old city-councilman from Fairfield named Matt Garcia in September, 2008?

Like Tillman, Garcia was an up and coming star with the rare ability to relate to 12-year olds the same way he did 65-year olds, and who also died ironically, due to a fluke case of mistaken identity!

So did Albert Cobarrubias, an honor graduate of San Jose State University, and the city's first homicide victim of 2010....who was shot and killed while playing pool in a friends garage.

Some drive by, gang-banging "scumbag" miss took Albert for someone else, and may never be caught and punished for his crime!

Fortunately, Matt Garcia's killer was found, and prosecuted, however, that shouldn't be his family's only comfort, nor should it be a concerned society's only consolation!

We need to rise up and remember everything good that came from these fallen hero's, and try to live our lives as they lived theirs, so that our children and youngsters learn too!

I vow to live like and remember Kendra Fallon, Jimon Clark, Matt Garcia, Albert Cobarrubias, and Pat Tillman, as soul's who's many actions replaced words, yet, who's soft spoken way commanded the attention and respect of everyone they came to know!

They, and so many like them....will be missed!

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Sincerely,  PeteCam4
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


eggsImage via WikipediaBILLIONS OF TAINTED EGGS

Egg lovers like my self are you pissed off, about this latest Salmonella outbreak? I know I am. I don’t understand why the FDA has not put stricter rules on farms that mass produce our food supply. This has been happening more often than I care to count.

I think the two Iowa farms Wright County Eggs and Hillandale Farms should be shut down. They knew that their supplier Jack DeCoster has been in news in the 90’s for heath a safety violations. Doing  business with a person like this is bound to have a bad effect on you. DeCoster Egg Farm should have been put out of business along time ago. Jack DeCoster apparently has no regard for human life. He his a man that is all about the money and that’s all. I blame the FDA as well, for dropping the ball when it came to Jack DeCoster. The FDA should have been watching Jack DeCoster with a fine tooth comb.

 People like myself with a weakened immune systems, are at such a high risk to becoming ill or dying from any contaminated food. The only way I know how to prevent myself and my family from getting sick is not to use eggs. I’m making my own food using egg substitute. When I eat out I make sure I know that what I’m eating  and it does not have eggs in it. Egg lovers hopefully this Salmonella outbreak get under control quickly, try to stay well.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meg Whitman Buying The Governorship

SUNNYVALE, CA - APRIL 27:  Former eBay CEO and...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Meg Whitman Buying The Governorship

Meg Whitman is spending millions of dollars trying to become the next Governor of California. She is almost up to $100 million dollars, Wow!
that’s a lot of money. Do you every wonder where all this money goes?  I know I sure do. It probably goes to special interest groups to get their votes. I know it’s her money and she can do with it as she please. Really!
does Meg fill a little bad about spending this kind of money when the economy is suffering. Apparently not!

Meg Whitman advertisements say she will not raise taxes on Americans, we’ll see. All these politicians say what the people want to here when they are trying to get elected. When they get into office they suddenly catch a case of amnesia. I think they should put a spending cap on politicians running for office. It should be nothing over lets say $50,000.00, lets see if they can when on the issues instead of how much money they have. Meg Whitman your trying to buy the Governorship, I say shame on you. Your money could help a lot of programs instead of what it’s going to. Well we will all see in November if it was worth the money.

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