Monday, September 13, 2010


Gas Explosion, San Bruno, CaliforniaImage by DigitalGlobe-Imagery via FlickrOn Thursday September 9, 2010, a neighborhood in San Bruno was devastated when a natural gas line exploded. People where get home from work, children were getting home from after school activities. Ready to prepare dinner, get started on home work and do thing all of us do after a long day away home. Then all of a sudden everyone was running for their lives, as their neighborhood went up in flames. A lot of people escaped with their lives, but some did not. It is a good thing this happened during the day time instead of at night when people were in their beds asleep. The casualties could have been enormous.

This kind of thing could have happened in any neighborhood in this country. I hope and pray that PG&E move swiftly to find out the cause to this explosion and prevent it from happening again. Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service sends our prays out to the community in San Bruno California.

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