Saturday, October 2, 2010

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SACRAMENTO – Today, the California High-Speed Rail Authority was awarded a $194 million grant by the Federal Railroad Administration for preliminary engineering and environmental analysis.
“This funding award demonstrates again the continued confidence the federal government has in California and the progress we’re making in planning our state’s high-speed rail project,” said Curt Pringle, Chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority. “This will give California’s system the funds we need to complete the environmental review and bring us closer to realizing the enormous opportunity this project represents for our state.”
The Authority sought the $194 million, which will be matched dollar for dollar with state funds. The funding will contribute to the Authority’s ongoing environmental work and preliminary engineering in the segments connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles and Anaheim via the Central Valley.
The California High-Speed Rail Authority is the state entity responsible for planning, constructing and operating a high-speed rail system serving California's major metropolitan areas.
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Link to the FRA Press Release
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