Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sex-Ting Is A Bad Idea

 Now days with social media network sites people are putting their business out there for the world to see. Grade school children are using face book and twitter for sex-ting and bullying. 

Congressman Anthony Weiner sent explicit photos of himself on twitter and then lied about it saying someone hacked is account. Then he cried like a punk a-- baby when he admitted he sent the pictures to the wrong site. How stupid is Congressman Weiner, first of all he should not have lied he should have manned up and told the truth. Now he is probably going to be investigated by the House Ethics Committee. As far as getting reelected or running for Mayor of New York, I think he blew his chances. If I lived in New York I would not vote for him, if he lied about this then what else does he have to hide? Some people are loosing their minds on these social networking sites, they don’t think about the repercussions of their posts. Maybe you posted something on face book two years a go and it comes back to haunt you in the future. All I can say is what my mother use to say “What you do in the dark always comes to the light”. Come on people you never know who’s watching you.



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