Sunday, June 12, 2011

Three Month Old Baby Shot And Killed in Palo Alto

Izack Jesus Jimenez life ended in East Palo Alto before it even had a chance to begin. He was shot in the head on Sunday June 5, 2011, while riding in his parent’s car. While Bullets hit the car, Izack’s mother tried to shield Izack and his 4 year old brother from the bullets, but it didn’t help. This was a senseless shooting, by a 17 year old gang member,
who was beaten up on May 31 in Redwood City. This punk thought Oscar Jimenez was the one who did it. It was unfortunate that Oscar Jimenez and his family were the targets of this young punk. The San Mateo County
District Attorney’s Office is deciding if they should charge this punk as an adult Really! What is it to decide on?  I get pissed when these gang member act like their so tough, but when they get their butts kicked the first thing they want to do is get a gun shoot. These gang members in Palo Alto, Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose, are punks.  They know right
from wrong and they should be charged as adults.


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