Friday, June 24, 2011

What Do You Think About California Slashing Monitoring Of Gang Parolees?

The State of California is making budget cuts that could impact all of our lives. In Sacramento, The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation going to stop GPS monitoring 550 gang parolees, out of the 950 they are monitoring right now. Also there are 1.700 parolees who are on home detention. Sacramento’s Department of Corrections is going to cut this number to 500 to save the state $6 million. Thank God their keeping the GPS monitoring on the 7,550 sex offenders. This is going to happen on July 1, 2011. With the budget cuts in law enforcement, all over The State of California, will we be safe? I don’t think so! Back in 2002 my son was sitting at the bus stop on McLaughlin road in San Jose minding his own business coming home from school. When a car with five gang members of the Northenos gang jump out and tried to jump him for no reason. My son knocked down two of them and took off running up the middle of McLaughlin.
This Lady in a Black Ford SUV saw the whole thing. She rode up on the side of my son, open the door and told him to jump in. My son hesitated, but he got in, they went looking for a police officer. My son filled a report, but nothing came of it, the police said with out a positive ID they could not do anything. Over 100 police officer were laid off in San Jose in June and 1050 gang parolees aren’t going to be monitored. What’s wrong with this picture? I say everything.These gang parolees most of them will fall back to their old ways. This means more crime and I hate to say more killings. We as a community are going to have to look out for each other.
Get to know your neighbors, if you see or hear anything suspicions call the authorities.


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