Monday, January 23, 2012

Are Cruise Ships Safe?

I say yes they are as safe, as flying riding a train or riding in a car. On January 13, 2012 which happened to be Friday the 13th the Costa Concordia Cruise Ship ran aground it hit some rocks near Giglio a small off the coast of Tuscany Italy; this torn a 50m hole in its hull of the ship with 4,000 plus people on board. Captain Schettino did not report the accident right away. The Costa Concordia hit the rocks at 9:45 p.m. he did not contact the coast guard until about 10:43 p.m., what in the world was he thinking. If he would have reported his mistake right away the six bodies and the sixteen people who are still missing did not have to die. When the Coast Guard arrived at the Costa Concordia Cruise ship the Captain Francesco Schettino of was not on the ship. His reason was that he fell and tripped into a life boat. Yea! Right just like the guy on the Titanic who grabbed the baby. One passenger on the ship Emily Lau said “when we got to the deck, people were just utterly hysterical mostly not because something was scary, but because there was no control.” “It was just utter madness. People were falling because the ship was actually sinking quite fast. And the next thing we heard was ‘abandon ship’,” Lau said. I have been on several cruises and every time there is a muster the first hour on the ship, so everyone on board knows what to do in case of an emergency. A lot of people I come across say they have not been on a cruise, I ask why? And they say because “I’m scared! what if the ship sinks I can’t drink all that water.” If you go through life being scared you miss out on new experiences and having a wonderful full life. Cruising is so fun my favorite cruise line is Royal Caribbean, their customer service is great. Most cruise ships are safe it is not the ship, it is the Captain and the crew that makes the cruise ship unsafe.

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