Friday, February 1, 2013

Are Illegal Car Sideshows on the rise in Oakland?

On January 26, 2013 several persons who had no regards for the safety of others, got together and decided to do one of the stupidest things I have ever seen. The motorist shut down interstate 880 northbound lanes near the Oakland Coliseum complex and began spinning their cars in circles. This stunt is known as doing doughnuts. This was not the only event that happened that day several motorists were videotaped doing donuts at MacArthur Boulevard and Seminary Avenue in Oakland. There were also calls to the police of 50 to 60 cars in West and East Oakland parading up and down the streets. Oakland police recorded 18 calls and incidents related to sideshow activity Saturday. In 2002 the last reported case of a freeway sideshow was inside the Caldecott Tunnel between Oakland, Berkeley and Orinda. Sideshows back in 2005 were at its peak the Oakland police received over 700 sideshow-related complaints. On Saturday January 26, 2013 Oakland Police logged 60 sideshow-related calls and incidents. Is this what’s to come for 2013 in Oakland, a repeat of 2005? This was definitely a planned event, with the access to social media these kinds of events are easy to plan and probably will continue to happen. I feel that every one that participated in this dangerous event needs to be punished severely. They need to be made an example of, so that this kind of activity will make others think twice about endangering lives.
This just in “It wasn’t me, I wasn’t the one driving it,” said 35-year-old Erik Dellafosse of Vallejo. “It was my car, yes, but I wasn’t driving it. Erik Dellafosse said he was at a car meet in San Leandro on Saturday when a man gave him $7,000 to test drive his bright purple Nissan 240SX with orange rims. How stupid was this idiot. Erik said “He was gone for about 30 minutes,” Dellafosse said. “Then he called his friend [who] told us where my car was, we loaded my car in the tow truck, we came home, and then I started getting hella videos about my car doing donuts on the freeway.” “I let a stupid ass idiot test drive my car … and now I’ve got to take care of whatever has to happen.” He is an idiot too, apparently had not heard the saying “all money is not good money”. Erik Dellafosse said he had to repaint his car red, “Because my car is hot. What can I do with it? I can’t go nowhere with it.” That sounds a little suspect to me because maybe he knew what was happening or he’s playing dumb so he won’t get in trouble.

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