Thursday, September 26, 2013

Should A Check For Mental Illness Be A Requirement In the Purchase Of A Fire Arm?

On Monday September 16, 2013 fighting the demons in his head, Arron Alexis lost. He shot up the Naval Yard in Washington D.C. When he arrived at the base he killed the security guard. Then he proceeded to shot and kill 11 more people when he got inside. Killing a total of 12 people. Alexis had a history of brandishing and firing his weapons illegally in the past. He also had mental problems that the Navy knew about. Yet he was still allowed to purchase and carry a gun. Even despite his mental problems and is questionable military record. That is unfortunate because if the military would have acknowledged his problem in the beginning this might not have happened. If there were a law that puts the names of people who have mental illness in a federal data base so they can't purchase weapons, just maybe this act of violence could have be avoided. This could have happened any where in the country. It could have happened in Mt.View California just as well. Arron Alexis worked at HP for a while. If you ask me the Navy dropped the ball on this one. I think gun laws need to be changed with mental illness included on the application and as well as on a federal, State and local medical data base or this will keep on happening.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Javier Gonzales-Guerrero Settlement $4.95 Million For Getting Shot 20 Times By The San Jose Police

After almost 2 years Javier Gonzales-Guerrero is getting paid a measly $4.95 million dollars. For being shot 20 times by 4 police officers of the San Jose Police Department, for having a toy gun. Are you kidding this won't even be enough to cover his medical bills and all the work he missed out on as a construction worker. On October 23, 2011 after attending a Halloween party some one reported Javier Gonzales-Guerrero  passed out drunk in the stairwell of the Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel at E. Brokaw Road in San Jose and that he had a gun. 

When police arrived they saw Javier Gonzales-Guerrero dressed in hospital scrubs with a gun in his waistband. When the police shouted for him a wake up he woke and saw four police officers pointing guns at him. He claimed he said don't shoot. The four officers ignored his pleas and lit him up, Shooting Javier 20 times. If you're drunk don't sleep in public and do not have any kind of object that could possibly be mistaken for a weapon. It is amazing he survived.  


Friday, September 13, 2013

Morgan Hill Preschool Teacher Deborah Gratz Who Tried To Drug Children Has Been Sentenced

In March of this year Deborah Gratz was caught trying to drug children at Kiddie Academy in Morgan Hill. She was caught by another employee, crushing up sleeping pills up in the children’s sippy cups. No children were hurt, she was stopped before they drank it. Deborah Gratz was sentenced on September 9, 2013 six months in jail and four years of probation. Are you kidding me! That’s all she got, a slap on the hand. You get a bigger sentence for harming an animal. The Santa Clara DA’s office is a joke. Santa Clara County prosecutor Sumerle Davis said "I wanted her to be granted probation, but also wanted her to do some custody time," said Davis. "There are parents who might have liked to see more time, but this is a fair resolution. ... It's very unsettling for parents to think that they could leave their child in someone's care and then be betrayed like this." Who knows how long she had been doing this to the children, before she got caught. If you ask me she should have got the book thrown at her. So it would deter anyone else from trying to harm our innocent children.


Friday, September 6, 2013

The New San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

After all its controversy with bolts and cables throughout the years, finally on Tuesday September 3, 2013 after more than a decade and the $6.4 billion the new Bay Bridge has opened. It has a new look and it is quite impressive. The anticipations of the opening of the new Bay Bridge were on a lot of people’s minds. Especially for the commuters who have to drive the Bay Bridge on a daily basis. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge is on all the post cards but the new Bay Bridge is not the ugly stepsister anymore. I personally have not been across the new Bay Bridge yet. I want to drive it in the day to see it in its entire splendor and at night with it all lit up.