Friday, October 18, 2013

BART Strikes Again! Commuters Are Angry!

The workers for BART failed again to come to an agreement with management. So they  went on strike again. Just a little over four months of there first strike in July. Most of the commuters  that take BART into San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley from the out lining areas are angry. I have a friend that takes BART from Oakland to Fremont and then takes the bus to Milpitas. She told me her commute today is horrible. She had to get up three hours earlier to catch the bus, 4 transfers later and still got to work late. I could see why commuters are angry. I think that the BART employees are being  unreasonable. They are fortunate they have a job. There are a lot of people who have been looking for a job for years. A Oakland man was arrested for throwing a traffic cone at a picketing BART striker. If BART employees don't come to an agreement then, it could get more violent.


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