Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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We should have a Health Care for all. There are people who work and have
been for years but their jobs don’t provide health insurance. I feel if
people could take there families to the doctor on a regular basis to be
treated preventively, then just going to emergency rooms racking up bills
this would save money. I think president Obama’s bill should pass because
it would also give people without health insurance peace of mind. I don’t
understand why the lawmaker’s are having such a hard time with this, maybe
there focusing on how much it’s going to cost instead of how much better
in the long run it would be.


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Here we go, just because the President said the police were acting stupid
the police are acting so hurt. Hey OK, they have done many stupid things in
the past. Just because the President said it everyone is acting like this
the most pressing issue of the day, well it’s not! What about the Health
Care Plan, we need to be focusing on that. Gates was probably acting
disorderly and Crowley was right to arrest him. Well I think that the
three of them should sit down and have a beer and laugh about this whole


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Steve McNair

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Steve McNair

Air McNair who was 39 and was the Titian Quarterback he will be missed.
No one deserves to die like that. Some friends and I had a talk about how
he was sneaking around on his wife. Some of my friends think he deserves
what he got. I think if he would have been honest from the beginning he
would have been fine. The girl he was with was really too young for him.
I am sure they both had some control, and trust issues. It doesn’t
matter you can have all the money and all the materialistic things, but
you can’t buy someone’s heart or play with it. If you play with
someone’s heart you never know what they are capable of doing to you or
themselves. Look at what happen to Lisa Life Eye and Andre Rison she burned
down his house.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Michael JacksonMichael Jackson via


Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson! What can I say about Michael Jackson? I remember Dec. 14, 1969 watching Ed Sullivan on TV, Ed Sullivan introduces
5 brothers from Gary Indian called the Jackson 5, I was hooked. “I want you back” 45 record was the first record I ever bought. I grew up with the Jackson 5. I had their pictures hung all over my walls. My first Jackson 5 concert was in 1979 at the Oakland Coliseum. Michael Jackson's name was talked about good and bad. He was an Icon and there will never be anyone like him ever! Idon’t know any entertainer that could bring the world together like he
did, but I hope that he won’t be the last. His legacy will live on through
the amazing music he made, all the people he helped and all the lives he
touched over the years. I want to thank you Michael Jackson for letting me
grow up with you even though we never met, Michael Joe Jackson R.I.P.


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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On The Road Again

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From PeteCam4 (On the road again):

How many times have you noticed someone speed past you on the freeway going 30-40 mph over the limit...often cutting-off you and other

drivers, creating a very dangerous situation? I've seen it too many times. I always wish that I was a CHP, or that I could quickly memorize

the speed demon's drivers license and call it in to the CHP!.

This past Sunday morning It happened again, and I finally acted on it! I was in light traffic heading East on Oregon Expressway in Palo Alto

in a 40mph zone. Suddenly this airport shuttle bus blew past me on the right and cut in front of me.(Long enough for me to read the bus's

company phone number.) The bus then sped off at 70-75mph...cutting-off another car or two in route to Hwy 101.

What makes this worse is that I noticed eight or more passengers in the bus, and the driver was STILL grossly wreckless and dangerous! As

a passenger, commercial or private...I'd rather miss a flight than lose life or limb. Whatever the case, this driver needs to be stopped, or at

least slowed down.

So, I called the incident in to his company manager. Now it's up to them. If you notice incredibly dangerous or obviously drunk drivers out something about it if you can. I feel a lot better now, knowing that I did.

Stay road-safe out there.


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