Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beyoncé` Lip Sync’s National Anthem

When I found out that Beyoncé was going to sing the National Anthem at President Obama’s second inauguration, I said why her? Beyoncé lip syncing the National Anthem was not a surprise. I have been saying along that Beyoncé’s voice is not that strong and she really can’t sing. She was exposed when she played in Dream Girls with Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer out sang her and still does in my opinion. Any true singers would have killed it without any rehearsing. Beyoncé is supposed to be a superstar! She should have performed the National Anthem live. This was a history making event. That goes to show you that some of these so called superstars are not really that great. This makes me wonder if her concerts are lip synced. If you want to her some amazing talent listen to Streetwise Radio and for your delivery needs Streetwise Courier is there for you.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

San Jose’s First Homicide of 2013

I grew up in San Jose California. It really makes me sad that homicides in San Jose have really gotten out of hand over the years. In 2012, five days into the year there was a homicide. By the end of 2012, there were 46 homicides. Is this becoming a trend? Here we go again. January 6, 2013 San Jose Police received a call about 7:55 a.m. About a possible body at a house on the 1900 block of Tripoli Avenue in central San Jose, in the neighborhood south of Story Road between McLaughlin Avenue and Highway 101. When police arrived there was a body in the front yard. The identity has not been released. The neighbors said the shooting occurred about 11 p.m. Saturday. Police Officers responded shortly after the shooting and searched the area with flashlights didn't notice the victim in the darkness and the rain. A Neighbor said, "We heard arguing in Spanish and two gunshots -- Boom! Boom!" said a boy who lives nearby, who like other neighbors asked not to be identified to avoid possible retaliation. "So we called the cops, and they arrived fairly quickly. They said they looked around but didn't find anything." Neighbors also said they heard a car speeding away from the scene shortly after the gunshots. Police have made no arrests and have no suspects in the killing, of this thirty something year old man. When the police called the home the mother-in-law of slain man said in Spanish that they had to talk to the widow who was not available. Was this shooting gang related? Did it have something to do with domestic violence? We will know in the days to come. No matter whether its gang related, domestic violence or crime against another person taking the life of a person is so very wrong. This is a terrible way to start the New Year.