Thursday, December 31, 2009


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As 2009 comes to a close, let us all sit back a reflect on the past year and see what be can do to improve up on 2010. Make those New Years resolutions that are reachable. Give thanks to who ever you believe in, no matter how small the gift is. No matter what you’re going through, try to
help someone who is a little less fortunate then you. Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. would like to wish you all a Happy New Year, we'll be here for your delivery needs.


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Airline Security

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As we enter into a new decade, America and every other world target of Al-Qaida can't possibly be too careful when guarding against another major terrorist attack.

Look no further than what almost happened in Detroit on Christmas Day with that attempted terror bombing of  Northwest Airlines flight 253, who's safe landing was more a holiday miracle than the result of optimum, or, even adequate security.

Emerging details tell  just how close this miracle came to being our worst massacre since 911.  Nigerian student Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who has known terrorist ties, sneaks quietly into Amsterdam on Christmas Eve.  He buys one cash ticket to Detroit, checking no luggage and carrying no passport! 

He does, however, possess 80 grams of PETN explosive, a detonator and a vile of combustible liquid hidden in his underwear.  Upon approach to Detroit airport Mutallab, who somehow failed to set off several red flags before boarding, does try to set off a bomb. But, instead of exploding it only catches fire momentarily, while he is captured by passengers....and the plane lands safely.  Merry Christmas and a vigilant, fore-warned New Year!

Perhaps this failed attempt was a blessing in disguise.  President Obama has now ordered a full review of airport security measures.  The Transportation Security Administration is also speeding up the installation of new, full-body scanners that can detect plastic and other substances hidden on a person's body. 

This 30-second scan amounts to a revealing, virtual reality strip-search, which some groups including The American Civil Liberties Union call overly invasive.

Closer to home at San Francisco International Airport, arriving passengers are glad for increased security measures, even though travel time has been increased.  "Whatever needs to be done, needs to be done," said Dublin resident Konark Uppal who arrived Monday from Dubai, India.

SFO has also beefed up the numbers of San Francisco Police officers on site, and added more bag searches and pat-downs to the screening process.  Domestic and international passengers are also being asked to stow personal items, turn off electronic equipment and remain seated during certain portions of the flight including the final hour....when pillows and blankets may also be taken away.

Other changes such as having no access to carry-on luggage during the last hour, and additional passport checks and finger printing at arrival customs, may be inconvenient...but necessary.  One passenger from Vallejo, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the added security slowed things down but didn't cause serious problems.  "It isn't difficult, but it is different," the passenger said.

This point should be well taken, because to fully guard against terrorism takes being different, and it takes making matter how difficult!  We can't count on a lucky landing next time.  That next bomb... won't be a dud!

Happy Holidays and have a safe New Year!


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Thursday, December 24, 2009

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Streetwise Special Delivery Inc. staff would like to wish our regular customers and our future customers  a safe and Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We all look forward to serving you in 2010, what ever your needs may be. Same Day, Route and Medical deliveries or our Gift Items Services.

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Richmond is a city that always gets a bad rap, because of all the violence.  Burgundie Spears changed that at Christmas time. A graduate of Howard University in Washington D.C., she came up with the idea “Christmas in Richmond” this is the fourth year. Richmond residents receive clothing, meals and gifts on Christmas Day. It doesn’t stop there, twenty five families were adopted, they will have meals and gifts donated to them. That’s not all Meals on Wheels will be dropping off meals to seniors. I think Burgundie Spears had a great idea, for helping out the City of Richmond. It takes  just one person with a good idea to help people in need around the holidays. Let all of us, that have a little more then others learn from Ms. Spears and continue helping people all year round.


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Monday, December 21, 2009


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Less than a week before Christmas a family in Oakland will be grieving the loss of a husband, father and friend. A 59 year old security guard was gun down by two suspects, at the AutoZone near intersection of 101st avenue and International Boulevard Saturday night around 7pm. This was Oakland’s106th homicide this year. The total at the end of last year was 125. This security was supposed to have the day off, but he took someone’s place that was sick. It’s a sad situation, when your trying to do a good deed and you lose your life by such a meaning less crime. The suspects are still a large. I can only imagine how the person who called in sick is feeling. I hope and prey these two suspects are caught and made to pay for their crime and the family gets some justice.


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


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It is a shame that women can’t go out jogging without some pervert trying to sexually assault or kill them. Just this past Monday morning about 6:15am  in Morgan Hill a 45 year old women was jogging on Mission View Road near Half Road a man grabbed her from behind sexually assaulted her and ran away like to coward he was. The only description of this man is, he is about 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, weighs about 130 to 150 pounds. He spoke English with a slight Spanish accent and was wearing dark hooded sweatshirt dark baggy pants.
Ladies this scenario has been going on for a long time, you can’t go out jogging alone anymore, because you don’t know when and where some sick pervert will jump out of the bushes and attack you. I say Ladies if you must go jogging alone carry some kind of weapon, so you can hurt the sick pervert. Stay safe ladies.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


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State governments are releasing early nonviolent offenders and ignoring
minor parole violation to reduce overcrowding and cut their budgets. I
think early release of these nonviolent offenders without having them go
through certain program, treatments, and community supervision will make
the public unsafe. Why? Because say, if you release a drug addict, he or
she will more than likely go back to drugs and this means they will crimes
like burglary, robbery and prostitutions. What good would early releasing
these nonviolent offenders do? when they go back to threatening public
safety. July 28, 2008 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said “I am here to
tell you that the early release of inmates is totally unacceptable,” and
“They should only be let out when they have served their sentences and are
ready to return to society. Period.” California Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger later proposed eliminating parole for all offenders not
convicted of violent or sex related crimes, reducing the parole
population by about 70,000. He also wants to move 15,000 petty criminals
from prison to county jail. If he does this then county jails will
experience over crowding, then there’s another problem. This is a problem
everyone should be concerned with.


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Monday, December 7, 2009

Health Care Reform

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Health Care Reform – It’s Time to Let Your Voices be Heard
Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent its time to take a stand on health care reform. This legislation is too important to keep your head in the sand. Now is the time to let your voices be heard that we need health care reform in this country. We voted these bozo’s in office to work together to pass legislation that would benefit all of us; not to politicize the issues for their own enrichment. I’m tired of the bickering. I want Congress to do their jobs.  If you haven’t been keeping up on the issues, the following is an overview on the current status of the health care bill taken from Justin Ruben at

Here's where we are:

The House of Representatives passed their bill last month. The Senate is aiming to pass its version before Christmas.


Overall, both pieces of legislation would do four major things:

  • Create a "Health Insurance Exchange." The bills create a one-stop marketplace where people can choose from various insurance plans, including the public option. The details aren't set yet, but initially the Exchange would likely be open to the self-employed, people without insurance at work, and small businesses. The key with the Exchange is that it brings "the bargaining power and scale that's generally accessible only to large employers" to individuals—and with that, lower costs and better options.
  • Provide insurance to over 30 million more people. The House bill would expand coverage to 36 million people by 2019. The Senate bill extends coverage to 31 million.
  • Outlaw discrimination based on pre-existing conditions and gender. Insurance companies will have to stop denying coverage to people with "pre-existing conditions." And they won't be allowed to charge women more than men for the same coverage.
  • Eliminate coverage limits and price-gouging. The bills differ on some details, but in general would place limits on how much people have to pay for health care beyond their premiums. They both cap out-of-pocket costs and ban insurance companies from setting limits on how much health care they'll cover for a person each year.

Here's what still needs to be fixed:

  • Both bills leave millions uninsured. The House bill leaves 18 million without insurance in 2019; the Senate bill, 24 million.
  • The Senate public option is weak, and conservatives are pushing to make it weaker. The public option is a core piece of reform that will create real accountability and competition for private insurance—and that's why it's at the center of such a huge fight.
  • Many reforms don't start quickly enough. While some pieces of reform go into effect right away, the larger structural changes are not scheduled to go into effect until 2013 (House bill) or 2014 (Senate bill). This includes the Exchange, the public option, and subsidies—the major ways coverage will be expanded.
  • Required insurance could still be too expensive for many. Both bills require virtually all Americans to have insurance. But the caps on how much we're expected to pay are way too high, and the subsidies are way too low.
  • Reproductive rights are severely restricted in the House bill. An egregious anti-choice amendment in the bill virtually prohibits anyone purchasing insurance in the Exchange from buying a plan that covers abortion—even if paid for with their own money. We need to make sure the final bill doesn't include this rollback of reproductive rights.
  • The Senate bill could discriminate against lower income workers. The current Senate legislation retains a version of what's called the "free rider" provision, which essentially penalizes employers for hiring lower income workers.
Carol E. – Streetwise
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