Saturday, January 9, 2010


SAUSALITO, CA - JUNE 15:  A sea lion grabs a f...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Last Friday night a poor Sea Lion, was entangled around the neck and snout with fishing line on pier 39 in San Francisco. Every since the Loma Prieta earthquake Sea Lions have been floating on a platform at pier 39. San Francisco was planning Sea Loin anniversary celebration, but with Oscar plight that’s what I’m calling him the celebration was postponed. Oscar The Sea Loin is so scared he swam away from pier 39 in San Francisco sometime late Friday night early Saturday morning. Oscar The Sea Lion swam 100 miles all the way to Moss Landing in Monterey County. On Thursday rescuers attempted to catch Oscar The Sea Lion, but he was to quick and managed to avoid capture. I’m wondering why they didn’t tranquilize Oscar the Sea Lion if it doesn’t hurt him, so they can capture him and get him some help. Well Oscar The Sea Lion is swimming some where out in the sea, so if you spot Oscar The Sea Lion call the Marine Mammal Center (831) 633-6298. Oscar I’m praying for your safe rescue.
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