Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prostitution Scandal with Secret Service

Oh, Wow! 11 Secret Service Agents hooked up with prostitutes, while off duty in Columbia. Every ones acting like this has never happened before. It is no telling how long this has been going on. These 11 Secret Service agents happened to get caught. Some people are trying to blame President Obama. It is not his fault how these 11 Secret Service Agents acted. They have been having these “wheels-up” parties for years after Air Force One takes off. Congressman Darrel Issa when speaking on CBS’ “Face the Nation” program said “we’ve heard about these wheel-up parties when the president leaves.” Ok if that’s the case, why has Congress not said anything about it before now? President Obama said he is going to withhold judgment until all the facts are in and if the allegations are true he would be angry. I feel that if it is true the 11 Secret Service Agents should be fired and for Congress they should be held accountable if they knew about it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Relative Discovers 5 People Dead In Their San Francisco Home

On Friday March 23, 2011 a quiet middle class neighborhood at 16 Howth Street in San Francisco and across the street from Lick-Wilmerding High School and San Francisco’s City College was in shock. The woman who discovered five dead bodies just before 8 a.m., was a relative of the victims she had access to the house. The first body a male was discovered just inside the front door and two bodies a male and female were discovered in the garage, two more bodies both females were found in different parts of the house. The victims were shot and cut by some sharp edge weapon according to the medical examiner. Their names have been released, the two men were Hua Shun Lei, 65 and Vincent Lei, 32 and the women were Wan Yi Xu, 62; Chia Huei Chu, 30 and Ying Xue Lei, 37. Ying Xue Lei worked at Quantitative Medical Systems in Emeryville California. The authority’s first assessment of the scene was that it was a possible murder suicide, but upon further investigation that was not the case. They served an arrest warrant on March 25th in San Francisco and San Mateo County. They arrested Binhu Thai Luc, 35 and Brian Luc, 32. Binhu Luc had a relationship with the victims, and has prior gang ties. This was sad and tragic event for the family and friends of the victims. I hope the authorities arrested the right persons, because these cold blooded murders need to be off the streets. I just want to say just watch who you let into your life, because you never know if you’re possibly letting in a killer. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

George Zimmerman Facing Second Degree Murder Charges in the Shooting of Trayvon Martin

It is about time that the State of Florida finally arrested George Zimmerman and charged him with second degree murder for shooting Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. It only took the State of Florida 1 months and 16 days to charge George Zimmerman. I can’t believe that it took so long when the evidence was there from the beginning. George Zimmerman had disregarded the 911 operator instructions not to pursued Trayvon Martin that was enough for the Sanford Police department to arrest him, What’s up with that? George Zimmerman’s attorney fears that George Zimmerman won’t get a fair trial. If George Zimmerman doesn’t get a fair trial it is the fault of the Sanford police department and the State of Florida. All Trayvon Martin’s parents wanted was, George Zimmerman held accountable for killing their son. Now it is going to finally happen. What I don’t get is how Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother said that she believed that this was an accident. Wow! I can’t believe she actually said that, because it was not like George Zimmerman dropped the gun and it went off and it killed Trayvon. George Zimmerman pursued him; I think he meant to do bodily harm. Well we will all see how this nationwide trial plays out. I just hope there is justice for Trayvon Martin and his family.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cold Blooded Shooting in Oakland at Oikos University

On Monday April 2, 2012, 43 year old One Goh a Korean national who became a U.S. citizen went on a shooting rampage Oikos University in Oakland California killing 7 and wounding 3 people. One Goh fled the scene taking one of the victim’s car, went to a Safeway store in Alameda California where he surrendered to Alameda police. One Goh’s reason for this shooting is that he was upset that he was expelled from the school and he felt disrespected by some people at the school. The victims were a diverse group of people who left their home country to have a better life in the United States. They were from Korea, Nigeria, Nepal and the Philippines.
One Goh is a deeply disturbed man with mental health issues. One Goh was known to brag about beating up someone who tried to mug him and picking fights with people in parks when he got bored. Oikos University is supposed to be teaching people there about the healthcare industry. Oikos University accreditation is in question, because 45% of the students past their test it should be 65% or higher it’s the industry standard. 
This senseless shooting would not have happened if we had some stricter gun control laws in the United States, like doing a mental evaluation on someone purchasing a firearm to see if their a danger to themselves or others. This senseless violence by shooting is getting out of hand. You’re always hearing about some innocent person getting shot down by someone, who later we find out has had mental issues all along.
You never know if you are going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. For instance, I work for Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service in Gilroy California as a dispatcher. We have a client in Oakland that we pick up and deliver to right around the corner from where this shooting took place. Thank God I did not have to send my drivers into harm’s way on that area that particular morning, and thank God our client is safe as well. My prayers go out to all the victims and their families and friends.