Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A San Jose Women Who Was Allegedly Drunk Kills Neighbor

At around 2:33 a.m. on October 28, 2013 near Hamilton and Leigh avenues in the 1200 block of Wiebel Way in San Jose, a 27-year-old woman hit a killed a neighbor. She backed up pinning the 26 year old woman up against the garage smashing her to death. Authorities believe the two women were together, there were beer cans at the crash. The 27 year old woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. What a horrible way to die. These two women were old enough to no better.  Now one is going to jail and has to live with the fact that she killed a friend. The other one is just dead. I just hope they did not have any children. If they did, then their lives are ruined. This was a selfish act on both of their part. San Jose Police Department’s traffic unit is investigating this crash. Their asking anyone with information about this fatal crash to contact the San Jose Police Department's traffic investigations unit at 408-277-4654. Persons wishing to remain anonymous may call the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers at 408-947-STOP (7867) or may visit: tipsubmit.com, and may be eligible for a reward.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Is our youth becoming more violent?

On October 22, 2013 thirteen-year-old Andy Lopez was shot dead. He was reported to be carrying a rifle at the corner of Moorland and West Robles avenues, in Santa Rosa. When Santa Rosa Deputies arrive on the scene they instructed Andy to put down his weapon. When Andy did not comply, he was shot several times.  The Deputies ordered Andy to move away from the rifle. When he did not respond, the Deputies moved in and handcuffed him to find out that he was dead. The rifle Andy was carrying was fake and he also had a plastic hand gun in his waistband. Some people are saying that some cops are trigger happy. I agree some cops are trigger happy. You can’t really blame them, with the shooting in Sparks, Nevada on October 21, 2013 by a 12-year old boy. They were doing what they were trained to do. As for Andy Lopez was this suicide by cop or was Andy mentally ill? This seems to be the norm these days.  Our youth are picking up guns and killing others and then themselves because their being bullied or just because they feel like it. What does that say about our society? All I know this should not be happening. What can we be done about this? I’m confused I don’t have a clue.

Friday, October 18, 2013

BART Strikes Again! Commuters Are Angry!

The workers for BART failed again to come to an agreement with management. So they  went on strike again. Just a little over four months of there first strike in July. Most of the commuters  that take BART into San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley from the out lining areas are angry. I have a friend that takes BART from Oakland to Fremont and then takes the bus to Milpitas. She told me her commute today is horrible. She had to get up three hours earlier to catch the bus, 4 transfers later and still got to work late. I could see why commuters are angry. I think that the BART employees are being  unreasonable. They are fortunate they have a job. There are a lot of people who have been looking for a job for years. A Oakland man was arrested for throwing a traffic cone at a picketing BART striker. If BART employees don't come to an agreement then, it could get more violent.





Is The Site Of The New 49ers Stadium In Santa Clara Jinxed?

On Monday October 14, 2013 there was another death in Santa Clara, at the site of the new 49ers stadium. Sixty year old Edward Erving Lake II was an employee of Gerdau Ameristeel's in Napa California. Gerdau Ameristeel's is a subcontractor working at the stadium. 

While Edward Erving Lake II was having a bundle of rebar unloaded from his truck, somehow the bundle fell and crushed him. The investigation is on going. Authorities say the job site is safe. How in the world can they say this Santa Clara job site is safe? When less than 6 months this is the second death. In June of 2013 Donald White an 63-year-old elevator mechanic was killed, when he was struck by a counterweight while working in a shaft. That investigation is still on going. Now two investigations are on going for death at the new 49ers stadium in Santa Clara. If you ask me, this job site is jinxed. Is this about the money it is generating and the money it is going to generate in the future? Is that is why authorities are saying it's a safe job sight? Our prayers at Streetwise Special Delivery Courier Service, go out to the families of the workers who lost their lives. 



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Will The United States Government Pay Its Bills Or Go Into Default?

It's a shame that the United States government is fighting like a bunch of  little whining brats. The GOP is trying to hold America hostage because they don't agree with Obama care and raising the debt limit. The Democrats are standing their ground and not are not yielding to the Republicans. So basically no one wins. Not the United States Government or the American people. The United States Treasury Department says the United States Government won't be able to pay their bills past October 17th, if Congress does not raise the $16.7 trillion debt ceiling by then. Government does not come to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling and they go into default it is going to send the world a message. That the United States is not the world power any more. Just like China's Xinhua stated, that it is about time for a “DE-Americanized world.” I am not surprised by that statement because China's is the biggest holder of America's debt. What really gets me is that the United States Government may or may not pay its bills. Sending America into a collapse that we will never recovery from. How dare they!



Friday, October 11, 2013

Is the United States Goverment Shut Down Holding The People Hostage?

Yes! People are being held hostage because of the government shut down, they don't know when they are going to get back to work so they can get paid. I think this is utterly ridiculous. I'm a disabled person from San Jose California, who receives Social Security Disability. If congress does not reach a agreement my benefits could be in jeopardy. I think the GOP's whole agenda is to send the United States into another recession. One that we will not recover from. Just to discredit the President and blame it on Obamacare.What I want to know why is the GOP and the Tea Party is so against Obamacare? Don't these idiots realize that this will save money and help people in the long run. They are so selfish. People are getting fed up with the government. We voted and put theses people into office and their acting like they forgot how they got there. If only we could impeach them maybe this would not be happening If congress does not get its act together, then it's going to be a serious problem. My neighbor just got out of the military after seven years of service as a sniper. He was talking to my husband the other day and was seriously mad about about the government suspending military death benefits. He was going on and on about how he gave seven years of his life and the government has the nerve to do this. I just pray he does not snap. What needs to happen is, congress should not get paid until they come to a reasonable comprise. Lets see how fast congress comes to an agreement, when their money is messed with. Just like  President Obama said on Tuesday in his speech on television, that we need to pay are bills and congress needs to sit down and come to a comprise. If not all the Untied States creditability as the the greatest nation will be gone. Congress needs to stop all this nonsense.